BHIJ Group

BHIJ Holdings Co., Ltd.
Benchmark Hospitality International of Japan

Benchmark Hospitality International of Japan manages conference center operations in Japan as the operating company of Benchmark Hospitality International Inc., leader in the off-premises meetings market and international pioneer of the Conference Center Concept.
Our first facility opened in 1999, followed by Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa in July 2003. Our conference centers have hosted a wide range of conferences for both domestic and international companies and organizations as their conference site of choice in Tokyo. Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa is certified by the high global standards established by the IACC.


#NT402 Bunkyo-Garden North Terrace 1-5-1, Koishikawa,
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0002 Japan


December 20, 2010

Common Stock

¥30 million

Business Domains

Management and operation of conference center
Food and Beverage businesses including restaurant and cafe
Business development related to conference business


  • Tokyo Conference Center is managed by the BHIJ Group. Our success has led to wider recognition and ever-higher standards of conference management in this country, and our conference operations know-how and management expertise are now considered the industry standards in Japan.  
  • The success of Tokyo Conference Center stems from the extensive knowledge and experience of Benchmark Hospitality International Inc. leader in the U.S. off-premises meetings market and international pioneer of the Conference Center Concept. Our conference experts provide state-of-the-art meeting facilities and exclusive business support services. 
  • Tokyo Conference Center is a member of the IACC, whose members adhere to a comprehensive set of global criteria and standards. We represent the finest meeting venues in over 20 countries. 
  • Our first Japan facility was established in 1999, followed by Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa in 2003, which focuses on a "green" architectural foundation, comprising the extensive use of recycled and recyclable materials. Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa offers reliable service and comfortable facilities. Our experienced and professional staff provides exceptional business support and hospitality. 
  • Previously, there was little awareness of the conference concept in Japan. We have spearheaded growth and recognition of conference centers and services in Japan, ranging from the conference concept to operations and management expertise. We conceive, manage and produce successful, highly effective conferences. 
  • Following on the experience and expertise of Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa, Tokyo Conference Center Ariake opened in 2011. This venue offers exceptional resources and innovations for the ultimate in conference services. Tokyo Conference Center Ariake caters for a diverse range of conferences and meetings, and features two large halls that can be customized for a wide range of needs. And because Tokyo Conference Center Ariake hosts only one event daily, your special gathering is held in unsurpassed privacy and comfort. 
  • In May 2016, Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa underwent partial renovations, and now offers two advanced, state-of-the-art conference spaces. These are large Conference Room 402N, which includes food and beverage services; and Boardroom N, which can accommodate a variety of functions, from executive meetings to seminars.